Selasa, 23 Ogos 2011

Our Third Year Wedding Annivesary

Is it yesterday? Or today? Or a day before yesterday? hahaha
Do not know why but i always forgetting my wedding annivesary date!
In fact, i just remembered that we were married in the middle of August only this morning!
Well, while i was in the middle of doing some house chores. *sidai-sidai kain baju kat luar rumah. muahahaha
Some people might say a loud OMG!!
But as for me and husband, forgetting special dates are normal..
Oh, so abnormal of two of us. 
Well, that makes us ONE.

Okay, enough of merapu meraban..
Though i'm not very good in words and expressing feeling, still i want to say something special to my mr. Right

Specially for my HUSBAND..
Happy third year of wedding annivessary my love.
Thank you very much for married to me. *muahaha.. meraban lagik.
A thousands kisses for being beside me while watching movies.
A lots of hugs for being dining together with me everyday.
Lots of special thoughts for being a father to my child *children in future.. thehehe
And lots and lots of love for you just being here with me.

I quote this from our FB..
Things were not so great in the past and not expecting more or less in future. 
But we learnt to live and will learning continously.
Still you the one i love. 

And of course, this shouldnt be left behind....
*Bila mok chia black forest cadburry???
An addition to that quote....
*I think i just beat you in plant vs zombies. Never lost at that roof one. muahahahaha

Layan gambar cinonet, bak kata kak ummi

*this photo was taken back three year ago. 
After days of our first marriage. That was in May.
The real marriage one was in August.
Maybe in other time, i will tell about our double date of marriage. 

*Tak tahu pula kenapa teromputih catatan kali ini. kehkeh

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  1. happy anniversary.. lady doakan moga kebahagiaan berkekalan.. :)


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