Rabu, 24 Ogos 2011

Tolongilah Dia..

Saya copy paste dari FB..
Mudahan ramai yang berlapang dada untuk membantu..

This boy is  Muhammad Haziq Zaqwan bin Mohd Omar (2months).For Protonians, he is the son of Sakinah's sister (our tea lady) whom will be undergoing a surgery for his heart complications tomorrow. For your information he was born with Atrial & Ventricular Septal defects (jantung berlubang) and  transposition of great arteries (Saluran jantung songsang). He has difficulties in breathing, feeding, blue-ish among others. Due to criticality of his condition, the doctor in HUKM had requested the procedure to be done quickly and they have no choice but to go to Gleneagles Hospital. The cost for the surgery is estimated at RM45,000. The family is in need of contributions and FYI the mother used to work in Edar before. The father is only a mechanic. Little Haziq is the first baby to the couple. Please, if we could contribute a little and spread the news.

Maybank account: 162487088090
Name:Norwahidah Samsu

Thank you so much for helping. God Bless all of you....

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